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Major European project on skin diseases with the participation of Environmental Medicine

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The kickoff event for the European research project BIOMAP (Biomarkers in Atopic Dermatitis and Psoriasis) took place at the Royal College of Physicians in London from 11th to 12th April 2019. Scientific coordinator Professor Stephan Weidinger, Christian-Albrechts-Universität Kiel, and project head Dr. Paul Bryce, SANOFI, welcomed Dr. Matthias Reiger. The scientific head for Microbiology at UNIKA-T participated as a representative for Environmental Medicine in the BIOMAP talks about the formation of three task groups for each of the eight work packages.

Environmental Medicine at UNIKA-T now participates in

  • WP 2 with Clinical Studies“
  • WP 4 with Microbiome“
  • WP 6 with Immunology"

By means of the research network of Environmental Medicine, the collaboration with Professor Stephan Weidinger and Professor Kilian Eyerich (Klinikum rechts der Isar of the Technical University of Munich) –who are both participating in other task groups of the BIOMAP work packages – already runs successfully in other projects. This means a clear enhancement of synergetic effects for BIOMAP.

20.8 million € for personalized medicine in inflammable skin diseases

The project BIOMAP is scheduled for five years. Within this time span, 26 academic institutions, 5 funders from industry and 5 patient organizations have to study more than 50.000 (samples of) patient data. From this research, they expect the following results:

  • Improved patient care
  • Personalized therapy
  • Knowledge of chronic inflammable skin diseases such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis

The project is funded with 20.8 million Euro by the IMI (Innovative Medicine Initiatives), the European Commission, and pharmaceutical companies. The participants from the field of science and industry stem from twelve European countries: Germany, England, Sweden, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Finland, Estonia, Austria, Denmark, Switzerland, Ireland, and Belgium.


Further Information:

Website BIOMAP

Website IMI

Website SANOFI


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BIOMAP StartThe photo depicts on its left Paul Bryce and Stephan Weidinger and the participants of BIOMAP on the screen to the right (Photo: M.Reiger/UNIKA-T)