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Scientific Award for the UNIKA-T-Aerobiologist María Plaza for her PhD thesis on the correlation of pollen flight, climate and allergies

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Since December 2018, María Pilar Plaza García has conducted research at UNIKA-T within the team of Aerobiology under the direction of Dr. Athanasios Damialis. María, an expert on Environment and Biology, has become a researcher in 2012. Her focus is on pollen and new technologies of biomonitoring. In 2017, María wrote her thesis on „Polen aerovagante y alérgenos mayoritarios de olivo y gramíneas en la atmósfera de Córdoba“. Her thesis paper now was awarded by the Palynological Society of Spanish Language (APLE) in Bordeaux on June 28th, 2019. The UNIKA-T expresses its congratulations to María Plaza and further supports her research tasks.

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Preisverleihung PhD Maria PlazaThe photo depicts f.l. Amelia Gonzaléz, Maria Plaza and Marta Recío at the award celebration in Bordeaux (photo: M. Plaza/ UNIKA-T)

Certificate PhD Award Maria PlazaThe photo depicts A.P.L.E. award for María Plazas PhD thesis (photo: M. Plaza/ UNIKA-T).