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Virtual Reality at UNIKA-T: Three-Dimensional Patient Education in Psoriasis and Psoriasis-Arthritis

University Outpatient Clinic for Environmental Medicine: Patient Information and Clinical Translation


Director Claudia Traidl-Hoffmann relies on the latest technical standards in order to continually improve research and clinical work by means of the best possible methods. To achieve this, the chief physician with board certification in Dermatology held an event about “Patient education by means of virtual reality” together with the pharmaceutical company Lilly Deutschland GmbH on 20th May 2019 at UNIKA-T. By use of virtual reality glasses, the UNIKA-T staff – representing the patient view –could investigate the disease psoriasis from outside the skin down to the molecular level and even treat the disease virtually. What seems to be futuristic at first sight comprises the current challenge: many patients don’t know much know about the mechanisms of their own disease. This, however, is considered a basic requirement for effective therapy.

University Outpatient Clinic for Environmental Medicine takes advantage of modern therapy methods and patient education

At the University Outpatient Clinic for Environmental Medicine, Director Claudia Traidl-Hoffmann, as medical specialist for chronic inflammatory skin diseases, relies on the latest therapy methods. Beyond that, a holistic approach is a key concern for Traidl-Hoffmann, especially when it relates to patient education. This means: patients should not simply be treated; they should aquire knowledge about disease patterns to get an understanding about how a drug cure and what effects it has on a physical level. Virtual reality is now one key method when it comes to future patient information.


Info: Virtual Reality
Virtual reality means that a person wears special video glasses and thus sees a completely electronically created environment in which it is possible to act by real body movement.


Info: Lilly Deutschland GmbH
The Lilly Deutschland GmbH has been investigating therapy options in diseases such as diabetes and rheuma, in changes of the central nervous system, and in special fields such as oncology and dermatology.


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VR PsoriasisThe photo depicts (left to right) Tobias Grävinghoff (Lilly), Karisa Thölken (UNIKA-T) with VR glasses and Ruben Boy (Lilly) (Photo: UNIKA-T)

VR Psoriasis 3The photo depicts Franziska Kolek of UNIKA-T during the test of the VR glasses from Lilly Detuschland GmbH (Photo: UNIKA-T)