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Health Care Operations/Health Information Management

The Chair is involved in research and teaching with the planning and analysis of strategic and operational service processes in the health sector, especially in hospitals. The modeling, analyzing and optimizing of practical problems by empirical and quantitative methods is the main focus. The research is carried out in close cooperation with the practice. Key issues are process, resource, quality and information management.

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Chair and Institute of Environmental Medicine

The Chair and Institute of Environmental Medicine incorporates

  • translational research on environment-human interaction (focus on allergic diseases)
  • a modern interdisciplinary academic teaching
  • a comprehensive and holistic patient care at the University Outpatient Clinic for Environmental Medicine, University Clinic Augsburg
  • a Study Center that provides a broad portfolio for interventional (intervention at surfaces)
  • a Unit for Flow Cytometry, CyTUM UNIKA-T, with high technology machinery

thus forming a progressive overall concept. The purpose of this concept is the diagnosis, prevention, and therapy of chronic diseases.

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The Chair of Epidemiology at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich will establish a patient-oriented epidemiological research at the Augsburg Clinic. New findings in the areas of prevention, early detection and patient care are to be put into practice quickly for the benefit of the population or the patients.

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